Surface Application Sand & Gravel

Red Flint Sand & Gravel Surface Applications Product Line can meet your exacting Industrial, Commercial, Civil Construction, and Residential Specifications. Red Flint’s Precise Customization approach optimizes our product and service execution resulting in optimized surface application material performance on your project. Red Flint has been part of effective surface application solutions for over 10 decades. Our sand and gravel materials have performed in a variety of challenging surface applications including Epoxy mineral fillers, epoxy highway bridge deck overlays, factory floors, swimming pool walls and surrounding patios and walkways, roofing gravels, road crack fill material, ornamental surfaces, leveling mineral fillers and many more. Contact us regarding your unique sand and gravel material needs. We specialize in precise customization based on our diagnostic problem solving process. Red Flint will get it right the first time.

Red Flint Sand & Gravel Surface Application Material is composed of sub-angular, hard, durable, and dense grains of predominantly siliceous material. Extracted from a clean glacial and alluvial sand deposits, Red Flint Sand & Gravel’s physical properties make it among the finest Sand Medias available in the world for surface and mineral filler applications.

Red Flint’s Sand & Gravel’s Surface Application Material is washed, kiln dried, and screened to meet EXACTING specifications. Our manufacturing quality control and quality assurance deliver precisely the results required to minimize project risk and increase project margins. Our materials very low acid solubility makes it one of the most durable natural particles available for your application.

Red Flint Sand & Gravel Material is unique regarding its properties are maintained through all sizes. For sand & gravel needs in virtually any tough application, we can provide all of your sizes from fine sand to course gravels. Want to see more on our gravel?

Whether your needs include standard products or something not attempted before in Sand & Support Gravel Material processing, Red Flint Sand & Gravel will Deliver optimum project results with respect to your Sand & Gravel Material requirements. Our diagnostic approach to precisely customizing your material needs will reduce project risk and increase project margins.

Contact us to get more information regarding our Epoxy Sand & Gravel’s, Crack Fill, Roofing Gravels, Industrial Mineral Fillers, or simply let us know how we can help you solve your sand and gravel challenges. 800.238.9139

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