Our Service Principles

Through diagnostic problem-solving and optimized operations, Red Flint is uniquely able to provide precise customization of quality products and services which create efficiencies for our customers in the product application — and, which ultimately enables our customers to be more competitive in their markets.

We adhere to five foundational principles toward achieving precise customization.


At Red Flint, our experts will respectfully focus on what you have to say. Listening, in order to fully understand your specific needs, is the essential starting point toward bringing you
precisely the right solution. It requires attentive listening, knowing the critical questions to follow up with, and further listening. And, it requires our specialized expertise and experience to understand, assess and respond to what was heard.

It’s why we prefer a phone call, rather than an email. Either way, we are eager to learn your needs, so that Red Flint can bring you precisely what you need, delivered when you need it, where you need it and how you need it.

Understanding happens when the combination of your needs and our capability become one, to optimize your project returns. Our technical employee base of engineers, geologists, operations and business experts provide unmatched capacity to understand your project pain and your project objectives. Working with our Red Flint team puts the very best specialty aggregate processing professionals on your team. We understand that you need the right solution every time; and that is what we deliver through understanding and experience.

Red Flint understands that your project success is directly tied to our organizations’ success, which is why we always respond to quote requests within 24 hours. Through rigorous diagnostic questioning and application of our experience we will go above and beyond to minimize your project risk and ensure that your project margins are the best they can be. It may be about being fast, but its always about bringing the right solution to your project. Red Flint will invest the resources to make sure every solution is precisely right.

With a keen understanding that Red Flint’s team is not your only choice, we strive to continually bring innovative, technically based solutions to your project. Only after understanding your project challenges and objectives can we use our capabilities to offer a solution. Red Flint will always focus on the optimal solution, by addressing the pain-points of the project. With over ten decades of success providing solutions across our customer segments, the odds are that Red Flint will not only be spot-on the first time, but also the fastest. Our passion and ability to solve even the most challenging problems sets Red Flint apart.

Our commitment is to be the best resource for filtration media and specialty aggregate by enabling you to succeed in your projects while maximizing your margin.

Red Flint delivers by stepping up and getting it right the first time through precise customization that enables us to deliver precisely what you need, when you need it, where you need it and how you need it. Focused on a confirmed understanding of your need, our precise customization process produces exceptional quality products and services that create significant efficiencies in the product application; which in turn will make you more competitive in your markets.

And, with optimized shipping and material logistics by both truck and intermodal, Red Flint can provide precise delivery of product throughout expansive geographies — placing product in over 50 countries.

At Red Flint, our people, our processes and our policies are all in place to deliver a uniquely satisfying, hassle-free customer experience.

Red Flint’s Diagnostic Problem-Solving approach produces precise customization for your product application and ensures that we get it done right the first time.




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