Now in the fourth generation of ownership and management by the Ayres family, Red Flint continues to win customers on merit by operating with the philosophy of offering high quality products, exceptional levels of service and constant innovation — all with a focus on enabling our customers to increase their margins. It’s a simple formula by which both Red Flint and its customers have succeeded for over 100 years. It’s how we continue to go above and beyond.
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Early Years 1917 - 1958


Quality, Meet Service.

1917 A.O. Ayres establishes Red Flint Sand & Gravel on the simple concepts of precision quality and unrivaled service. These two pillars remain the bedrock of our business today.

Forging The Future.

With an innovative focus on mechanization, A.O. Ayres improves internal processes, railroad load out automation, and resource capability analysis. His pioneering vision provides a competitive advantage that remains throughout history.

Great Depression. Great Responsibility.

During the Great Depression, Red Flint supplies essential sand and gravel needed to carry out public works projects – helping put millions of people back to work.

Middle Years 1958 - 1996


Like Father. Like Son.

1958 – F.W. Ayres takes the reins from his father and makes significant additions to the company’s product line, including Red Flint’s ready-mix concrete business.

Highway To Sucess.

Continuing to focus on flexible and portable mining and aggregate processing, F.W. Ayres helps shape America’s transportation system with construction of interstate and state highways.

Expanding Value.

Don Johnson expands Red Flint’s civil construction capability and moves into more varied types of non-metallic mining – from asphalt and industrial sands to D.O.T. and aggregate processing – creating significant value.

Good and Ready.

John Ayres grows the ready-mix concrete market and commercial design build operations along with state highway D.O.T. and industrial sand.

Narrowing Focus.

With over 70 non-metallic mine sites, Paul Ayres focuses on consolidating portable and fixed plant aggregate processing.

Recent Years 1996 - PRESENT


Third Generation Leadership.

In 1996, Paul Ayres takes over leadership, beginning a period of exceptional growth.

Exceptional Growth Producing Millions of Tons Annually.

Mining and aggregate processing reaches millions of tons of salable product annually.

Full-Cycle, Full Speed Ahead.

Paul Ayres commissions and manages numerous full-cycle mines, from land procurement to complete reclamation.

Decades of Expertise Under One Roof

Under Paul Ayres’ leadership, Red Flint’s sand and gravel procurement and manufacturing is consolidated, bringing together decades of mining and processing experience across the company.

Technology Up, Cost Down.

Red Flint implements advanced systems and technology across all functions to create industry-leading efficiencies, driving the cost of products down for customers.

Precision Delivered.

By both truck and intermodal transportation, Red Flint optimizes and extends the reach of shipping and material logistics, providing precise delivery throughout the world.

From the Earth, for the Earth.

With stringent environmentally responsible methodologies and policies, Red Flint ensures that whatever is taken from the earth is respectful to the Earth.

Investing In Community.

Red Flint proudly gives back to their communities through youth sponsorships, land donations, and construction.

4 Generations. 50 Countries. 100 Years.

Today, Charlie and Emily Ayres join their father as the fourth generation in the family business. Over the last 100 years, Red Flint has grown into an international brand with product reach in over 50 countries.




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