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Our golf course sand products have proven their functionality and playability for most of our 10 decades. Our naturally clean material is the start of this superior quality bunker and top dressing product line. Our particle shape is optimal for minimizing buried lies. Not only are we within the PGA guidelines, but we can move the needle where your course would like playability to be optimized while maintaining structural integrity with wear and irrigation. Our ability to customize and precisely grade while maintaining our physical and chemical properties provides a unique ability to match target sand performance. And one added bonus you likely can’t find elsewhere is our sands complete trace element profile which will add to the quality of your soils. Acting as an organic fertilizer component too, you may want to consider this robust organic remineralization boast to your fairways too.

Red Flint Bunker and Top Dressing sands are a proven and optimal solution for your course. Serving golf courses for decades our sand’s optimal shape, chemical and physical properties ensure playability and durability for your application. We can blend to move playability where you want it, even though ours is in the PGA guidelines.

Our drainage characteristics are optimized given our particle shape and uniformity. Our crusting potential is likely the lowest in the industry, due to a naturally clean deposit, rigorous washes and precise sizing. Send us a sample and we can dial in your grade and playability. We’ll then provide samples of blends for you — sizes, shapes and uniformity — all at the same durable and clean standards as our proven golf products. Request A Quote


Red Flint will create exactly the all natural sand infill your sports turf system needs. Hydraulic conductivity, surface stability, support for fiber, and durability all delivered with our quality sands. Your system’s ability to remove water is critical. Our fully graded aggregate resources combined with our precise customization will create the right material for your sports turf project. Your fields drainage design to remove water at a high rate once it passes through the sand layer is critical. Our naturally clean material with its variety of sizes means the same high quality material can be used right to the drainage system allowing for the most efficient hydraulic conductivity available.

Our sand and gravel is washed again and graded specifically to your project requirements,. is free of dust, inert, and available in a variety of packaging options. Making future top dressing easy and will serve your project now and into the future. Our ability to hit industry leading tight tolerances and high particle uniformity ensures optimum functionality on your project. An added benefit is the immense availability of over 70 trace elements making our sand also ideal for the health of natural turf or hybrid systems. Essentially a remineralization treatment all in one. Red Flint infill sand will create the healthiest most stable and most durable sports turf surface. Request A Quote

Playground & Hobby

Safety, cleanliness and uniformity are at the top of the list with great play sand products. You won’t find a cleaner sand on the market given our naturally clean deposits are generally mined in crystal clean glacial deposits and underwater. The same materials produced to meet drinking water standards ensure our users experience the market leading cleanliness. Be sure to check out our variety of colors and packaging options at and we’ll deliver it right to your door.

Whether your needs include standard products or something not attempted before in Sand Media processing, Red Flint Sand & Gravel will Deliver optimum project results with respect to your Sand Media requirements. Request A Quote


Gravel & Sand Packaging Options

Packaging available in 6.25 lb, 12.5 lb, 25 lb, 50 lb bags to 4,000 lb bulk bags and bulk shipment. Our trucks make regional deliveries. National and international shipments are arranged by truck, rail, or overseas container. Available online at


Red Flint Sand Products have been the preferred choice of large animal organizations and hobbyist for 10 decades. Our naturally clean and sub-angular particle form the perfect traction functionality while maintaining permeability for optimum site drainage. Our particles are hard and durable and ensure as long lasting effectiveness as you’ll find available in the market.

Red Flint’s Precise Customization offers unparalleled ability in the market to blend, gap or fully grade to precise specifications meeting your project needs. Our full line of delivery and packaging options will cover your project needs now and your maintenance needs for years to come. If you have a target gradation (size of the sand per sieve sizes) or are starting from scratch we can get your job done and get it right the first time. We will work to understand your current conditions per sampling and testing, then work with you to optimize the next application. Request A Quote


Our sands are naturally clean and produced to the same exacting standard used for drinking water. Our sand sub-angular size, durable make up and cleanliness make it idea for the comfort and health of your large animal bedding application.

An added bonus of Red Flint sands is the more than 70 trace elements found in our resource. This make your bedding sand double as a best in class organic fertilizer. Once the product has served its useful life for your large animal application, you can choose to spread it on your fields effectively remineralizing your fields.
See our website for more information on our organic fertilizer products in our EZ Product line. Request A Quote


Red Flint Sand is naturally clean and uniformly graded to your precise specifications. Local constructions sands, like mason sands are commonly used for volleyball applications with disappointing results. Mason sands can be full of dust, have a high variability of grain sizes, including too large, or be graded and dirty enough so they actually pack together. None of this creates optimal conditions.

Our precise customization process can manipulate the grains to meet the most stringent national specifications. Just a back yard court application, or a division one collegiate court, Red Flint will custom produce your sand to your projects specific needs. The physical shape characteristics are idea for optimal tracking while maintaining the forgiving nature of the sand surface vs hard courts. Request A Quote


Red Flint sand is naturally suited for landing pits in track and field. Our sub-angular particle shape when combined with our ability to cut our resources precisely to meet size requirements then blend as needed creates a unique ability to optimize performance. The right trade off between structure and traction and flow for energy absorption is critical. And of course our naturally clean resources ensures our graded products will drain ensuring no standing water. Request A Quote

Exceptional Processing Capability

Our non-metallic mineral processing capability is the best, bar none. The evidence is in our ability to produce best-in-industry Effective Size (ES) tolerances and low uniformity coefficients (UC). Red Flint’s Precise Customization methodology is simply the best alternative for unique sand & gravel media needs.




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