Red Flint has served both the large commercial pool & water park industry and residential applications for decades. Our exceptional cleanliness and attention to strict quality control in our manufacturing process makes Red Flint Pool Filtration Sand simply the best alternative for your application. For tough commercial applications, our precise customization and other filtration media product lines create a convenient and effective solution saving you time and money.

Pool sands are not created equal. Red Flint Pool Filtration Sand is made to the same exacting standards as potable water. Red Flint is the cleanest and most durable pool filtration sand you can find in North America. Effective in removal to 10 microns in our standard .45 to .55 mm size. Our standard .45-.55 Pool Filtration Sand is effective for residential and commercial applications. With proper filter operations Red Flint Pool Filtration Sand will be the most effective and durable filtration media you can buy.

For tougher commercial applications, or even for home use you could consider a Garnet Layer. This heavier weight media at a finer size will do additional particulate removal to 5 microns should your application require this. Most residential applications do not need this level of particulate removal and get required functionality with Red Flint Pool Filtration Sand as the only required media. You will need to check the filter manufacturers specifications to ensure a Garnet layer will work. Depending on your filter you may have the capacity to layer media in the filter. If this is the case, our Garnet product can be a layer under the filtration sand. The result will be removal down to 5 micron. This all natural combination is often more economical than other more expensive media alternatives that claim to remove particulate to 5 microns.

Whether your needs include standard products or something not attempted before in Sand Media processing, Red Flint Sand & Gravel will Deliver optimum project results with respect to your Sand Media requirements.

For the serious hobbyist, North America’s Best Aquarium Substrate is now available!

Check your favorite pet store or order on line at www.redflintrockandstone.com


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Pool Filtration Sand
Parameter Description
Color Light brown to light red
Density 100 lbs per cubic foot
Specific Gravity 2.67
Acid Solubility < 1.0%
Hardness 6.0 – 8.0 on MOH scale
Size 0.45 – 0.55 millimeters
UC (D 60) 1.30 – <1.65

Pool Filtration Sizes

Pool filtration sand is .45 to .55 mm

Packaging available in 12.5 lb, 25 lb, 50 lb bags to 4,000 lb bulk bags and bulk shipment. Our trucks make regional deliveries. National and international shipments are arranged by truck, rail, or overseas container. Available online at www.redflintrockandstone.com

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Typical Sieve Analysis
Product Effective Size 0.45-55
US MESH Millimeters
16 1.180 99
18 1.000 94
20 0.850 82
25 0.710 58
30 0.600 33
35 0.500 10
40 0.425 2
45 0.355 1

DISCLAIMER: The information set forth in this Product Data Sheet represents typical properties of the product described; the information and the typical values are not specifications. Red Flint Sand & Gravel, LLC makes no representation or warranty concerning the Products, expressed or implied, by this Product Data Sheet




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