That is the core of what Red Flint is about and has been about, into our eleventh decade and fourth generation. Red Flint has the resources, the know-how, and the solutions. But mostly, we have the desire to help you make more margin on your project. More margin matters to every for-profit private or public company. Enhanced margin enables businesses to succeed and grow. Greater margin fuels opportunity for everyone in your company who strives to reach their professional objectives and attain personal dreams.


What is Red Flint about?

We minimize our customers project risk through precise customization of our product and service offering.

Let Red Flint help you — to boost your project’s margin above and beyond what you thought possible.

At Red Flint we focus on how we can improve your margin and reduce your project’s risk through precise customization of our products and service offering. Throughout eleven decades we have served a variety of industries with the same precision and quality. In doing so, Red Flint has been cleaning the world’s water since our very first year in business.

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Red Flint will do it when others won’t even try.

So much more commitment.

At Red Flint we don’t push customers into a particular box that optimizes and simplifies our world. In fact, we do the opposite. We work to make sure what we do for our customer is precisely what they need. Our non-metallic aggregate processing, logistics and mining expertise has continually pursued the challenge of getting our resource to the highest and best use. We will engage with the customer early on to understand if there is a fit for what we do and what the customer really needs. Red Flint’s one-of-a-kind Diagnostic Problem Solving represents our unique value for all of our customers. Projects are complex in their structure, with engineers, contractors, owners and operators, all with margin objectives on every job. Red Flint provides the essential blend of technical expertise and operational tenacity to make sure we get your project requirements done right the first time.

No project is too large or too small — or too far away.

Red Flint has delivered product not only in the United States, but is known the world over as the best choice in filtration media, industrial sands, well pack, surface treatments, and so much more. We truly look forward to working with you to increase your margins. Contact us today.


Red Flint is precise and consistent in our pricing. We always provide our best possible quote.


Red Flint is not selling a commodity. Because we understand how our products interact within their specific application environment, we deliver precisely the right product for each application, everytime.


Beyond delivering precisely the right product, Red Flint will enhance your bottom line through innovative methods that reduce materials, reduce waste, reduce rework and lower cost. Our objective is for you to be more successful and profitable by choosing Red Flint products and services.


Red Flint has specialized capabilities to solve even the most challenging problems. Talk with us. Give us an opportunity to diagnose and solve your problem.


A.O. Ayres knew in 1917 that it’s our neighbors who ultimately provide Red Flint the ability to operate mines and processing plants in our communities. It’s why the Ayres family throughout the decades has held a heartfelt appreciation for the communities in which we live and our business. With a sincere sense of responsibility, we contribute back by helping to fund hockey rinks, children’s theaters, youth athletics, mens and womens shelters, and various events, among other contributions.

Red Flint is committed to investing in our communities and in the people who live, work and play there. Youth and youth sports is a particular focus of ours, helping the many young men and women who don’t have the financial means to pay the fees associated with extracurriculars, so that they can participate as well. Additionally, Red Flint Racing exists as a non-for-profit organization specifically to promote accessibility for youth to a variety of sports and extracurriculars. Through tournament, event and individual scholarships, Red Flint is helping to ensure that the games go on for youngsters who have the desire to take part.



At Red Flint Sand and Gravel, we realize every product we offer is produced from the Earth’s natural resources. We put stringent methodologies and policies in place ensuring that Red Flint’s operations are environmentally responsible. We take great pride operating in an environmentally friendly manner.





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