Our Corporate Values


These core values have remained constant throughout the nearly 100-year history of our family-owned and managed company. These values are in our DNA. Being true to our values enables Red Flint to continually go above and beyond.


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Racing to Make a Difference

Exceptional service is a core value and recognized hallmark of doing business with Red Flint.

‘Hello, this is Red Flint. How may we help you?’

From your first touch with our people, we are completely focused on you and your organization.

Exceptional service means making your buying experience easy and enjoyable while getting you precisely what you want, where you want it, how you want it, when you need it.

You can expect exceptional service from everyone throughout our operations.

  • Red Flint’s commitment to service extends beyond our business concerns, to our responsibility to help others by giving back to the communities we live and work in.
  • Through our non-profit Red Flint Racing, we are Racing to Make a Difference! by contributing to and raising contributions, especially supporting youth sports, assisting men’s and women’s shelters (through financial sponsorship, coordinating volunteers, and collecting goods for men’s and women’s shelters), and sponsoring disadvantaged kids by providing educational scholarship and scholarships for sports entry fees.
  • And, we are pleased to have given back to communities through land donations, providing and planting trees for reclamation, contributing to facility funding and construction of bike trails, the Chippewa Hockey Rink and local Children’s Museum; and, of vital importance, water infrastructure in communities with need.
  • Through Red Flint Racing, Red Flint Sand & Gravel is proud to be a catalyst for continued community investment.

Our passion for excellence in precision drives our customers’ success.

From our company’s beginnings, the end-goal of what we do has remained the same: our customers have to make money. What we do must infuse functionality in our customers’ applications that produces margin for them.

Working our precision product offerings through state-of-the-art processing capability remains our foundation for excellence. Providing product that is of tighter than required tolerances, within acceptable specification ranges, brings best-in-class results that drive margin for our customers.

Excellence in precision is what our people at Red Flint diligently work to achieve.

At Red Flint, innovation never stops.

The world continually changes and demands more of us. As an organization rich with engineers, we are continually excited to respond to the demand through engineered solutions. Whether we are innovating processing machinery, operational processes or the end-use of our resources, it’s always in the pursuit of creating efficiencies for our customers in the product application — to enable them to be more competitive in their markets.

Our innovation germinates from insight gained in our diagnostic problem-solving interplay with customers around their needs. We engineer cutting-edge technology and improve processes through curiosity, passion and courage to explore new ways. It’s how we’ve always succeeded — with our clients’ best interests in mind.

Since 1919, Red Flint has continually innovated to help our customer move forward.

Whole truth is another core value which everyone at Red Flint operates by. Being honest and unbiased in everything we do is a bedrock trait among our team.

With more than one hundred years accumulated institutional knowledge and experience, we understand quite well where we ‘fit’ to produce customer’s margin, and where we don’t. It’s a constant discovery process, still.

Whole truth is maintained by constant self-reflecting on both our company and each individual in order to understand what is needed to continually re-qualify ourselves to do our job optimally, in the pursuit of maximizing our customers’ margins.

Our people at Red Flint hold the attitude that we have to earn our customers’ business on merit.

Our commitment is to be the best resource for filtration media and specialty aggregate — enabling our customers to succeed for their customers while maximizing their margin.

It’s through our diagnostic problem-solving and optimized operations that Red Flint is uniquely able to provide precise customization of quality products and services that create efficiencies for our customers in the product application — which in turn enables our customers to be more competitive in their markets.

It’s how we earn our customers and keep them coming back to Red Flint.

And, on the occasion that we don’t win a job, we humbly understand that we are being informed by the market. We are resilient, we step up and work toward how our product and service offering can make more margin for that customer’s application the next chance we get to bid with them.

That’s how we re-earn a customer’s business — on merit.




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