Red Flint is uniquely able to provide precise customization of quality products and services that create efficiencies for our customers in the product application — which ultimately enables our customers to be more competitive.

The collective attributes of our service makes Red Flint the best resource for filtration media and specialty aggregate.


Exceptional service is what everyone at Red Flint strives to provide at all times. It starts with ‘How may I help you?’ right when you call. And it’s followed by personalized attention, tenacious problem-solving and attention-to-detail. It’s through an inherent passion for service among our people, along with internal systems and procedures put in place to make dealing with Red Flint efficient and accurate, which creates a uniquely satisfying, hassle-free customer experience. It’s how we deliver exactly what you are looking for.

Responsiveness is so much more than turning around a proposal more quickly than our competitors. At Red Flint, responsiveness is about getting it right the first time. Anything else increases your risk and cost. Getting it right requires asking the right questions, and listening to understand the project pain-points in order to determine precisely the best solution. Our goal is to define a proposal to deliver precisely what you need, when you need it, where you need it and how you need it in order to succeed in your project and gain efficiencies in the product application that enable you to maximize your margin.

At Red Flint, responsiveness is getting it right for our customers’ success.

Precise customization is the rigorous personalized approach that is unique to Red Flint, which provides both the ability to precisely meet a specification and also optimize material
performance. Precise customization enables Red Flint to deliver product of high uniformity and precise tolerances which creates opportunity for our customers to optimize their projects,
resulting in more efficient system performance that leads to higher margins.

Keeping our promise to our customer requires validation of performance. Process monitoring optimizes our success rate; where we can remedy issues before they get to the customer. It’s why Red Flint typically exceeds industry sampling requirements. Our ability to produce precision in our product and service offering shows in our track record of excellence.

It’s more than having engineers and technical people in house. It’s our unique institutional knowledge, innovation and proprietary best practices developed through working with our resource base, our production equipment and so many end-markets that is the well-spring of our extensive technical expertise. We learn as we go, and we’ve been going for nearly one hundred years. Our commitment to continuous improvement ensures that cumulative learning is captured internally and embedded in our employees, our processes and our business policies. It’s by our technical expertise, along with formidable knowledge of our customers’ markets and their applications of our products, that Red Flint stands out in providing smart collaborative counsel and precisely the best solutions.

Red Flint delivers. No matter where you are located or what your shipment needs, our quick-response team will optimize your delivery to arrive where you need it, when you need it, and how you need it.

At Red Flint, we apply 10 decades of institutional experience solving logistic challenges to save our customers time and money. Our expert technical professionals ensure the risks associated with freight are removed from your project, and that the number of loads are reduced to the fewest possible. We provide a complete line of services that make certain all required documentation and fees are taken care and any potential causes of delay are eliminated.

Our commitment is to be the best resource for filtration media and specialty aggregate by enabling our customers to succeed in their projects while maximizing their margin.

For over one hundred years, Red Flint has succeeded by stepping up and getting it right the first time through precise customization that enables us to deliver precisely what each customer wants, when they need it, where they want and how they want it. Precise customization produces exceptional quality products and services that create significant efficiencies for our customers in the product application; which in turn makes them more competitive in their markets.

In the fourth generation of ownership and management by the Ayres family in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Red Flint Sand & Gravel Company continues to succeed by earning our customers’
business on merit.




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