Since 1917, Red Flint Sand and Gravel, LLC has produced the highest quality water filtration media and specialty aggregates available worldwide. Red Flint takes pride in our ability to manufacture products with precisee effective size ranges and the lowest uniformity coefficients in the industry. Our sand and gravel meets or exceeds the AWWA B100 Standard, ASTM C33/33M and is NSF/ ANSI Standard 61 & 372 certified for quality and purity.

Red Flint Silica Sand is graded specifically for use in water and wastewater filtration processes. Our sand can be used in municipal, industrial, or residential applications. The low acid solubility and high silica content of our filter sand ensure durable and long-lasting filter media performance.

Red Flint Gravel is manufactured to be uniform in size which promotes excellent flow and even distribution in support beds. Our gravel is low insoluble impurities and maintains its quality as a support bed for the filter media. We also supply well pack, anthracite, garnet, Greensand Plus™ & other media.

Exceptional Processing Capability

Our non-metallic minerals processing capability is the best, bar none. The evidence is the low Uniformity Coefficient (UC) we can achieve, which refers to the sameness of particles. Anything under 1.3 is low. We can go under 1.2.

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