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Pool Filtration Sand

Light brown to light red
Density: 100 lbs per cubic foot
Specific Gravity: 2.67
Size: 0.45 – 0.55 millimeters
UC (D 60): 1.30 – <1.65
Acid Solubility: <1.0%
Hardness: 6.0 – 8.0 on MOH scale
NSF/ANSI Standard 61 certified
AWWA standard B100-16

You can use Red Flint Sand and Gravel pool filtration media to purify your pool water.

Like a filter used to purify drinking water, a swimming pool’s water filter performance depends on the water filtration media. You can use Red Flint Sand and Gravel pool filtration media to purify your pool water. Protect your pool and your family from water borne contaminants by using Red Flint pool filtration media.

Typical Sieve Analysis

Product Effective Size 0.45-0.55
US Mesh Millimeters  
16 1.180 99
18 1.000 94
20 0.850 82
25 0.710 58
30 0.600 33
35 0.500 10
40 0.425 2
45 0.355 1


DISCLAIMER: The information set forth in this Product Data Sheet represents typical properties of the product described; the information and the typical values are not specifications. Red Flint Sand & Gravel, LLC makes no representation or warranty concerning the Products, expressed or implied, by this Product Data Sheet


Uniformity coefficients are tightly controlled to meet your specifications. Custom sizes are available; call 800.238.9139 for more information.


Pool filtration sand is
.45 to .55 mm

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Packaging available in 50 lb bags to 4,000 lb bulk bags and bulk shipment. Our trucks make regional deliveries. National and international shipments are arranged by truck, rail, or overseas container.