Red Flint Sand and Gravel

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Red Flint Sand and Gravel Industrial Minerals - Clean and tightly sized

Red Flint Sand and Gravel industrial minerals are washed, dried, and closely graded. Their unique chemical properties and shapes offer the features necessary for superior industrial sand quality.

General Properties of Red Flint Sand and Gravel
Industrial Minerals

  • Purity, inertness, hardness, resistance to high temperatures, grain size, shape and distribution, and color are critical to a variety of industrial applications.
  • Sand is extremely hard due to high percentage of quartz.


Manufacturers of epoxy fillers recommend Red Flint Sand and Gravel to use on traffic decks.

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Industrial Sand
Red Flint sand is a siliceous industrial sand generally used in industries for grinding, sharpening and polishing purposes. Industrial sand media is particularly applicable for the removal of heavy rust, epoxy paints, concrete, mill scale rust, paint from steel surfaces, and gauge materials.

Red Flint Sand and Gravel industrial flooring blends hardness, unique shape, and color to provide quality nonskid flooring applications. It is used in a finely pulverized form as filler or is perfect for mixing with resin or broadcasting over the surface.

Epoxy Fillers
Red Flint Sand and Gravel’s high chemical purity and minimal clay content offers product consistency and reduces fine particle dusting. Epoxy fillers are used to thicken basic resin/hardener mixtures for specific applications. Epoxy filler products are used in the automotive, architectural, or industrial applications.

Uniformity coefficients are tightly controlled to meet your specifications. Custom sizes are available; call 800.238.9139 for more information.





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Packaging available in 50 lb bags to 4,000 lb bulk bags and bulk shipment. Our trucks make regional deliveries. National and international shipments are arranged by truck, rail, or overseas container.